A Chinese leading design company for CMOS Image Sensor and Display Driver IC

GalaxyCore Shanghai Limited Corporation founded in 2003, is a leading IC design company for CMOS Image Sensor and Display Driver IC in China. Products of GalaxyCore are widely used in global mobile terminals and other electronic products.

GalaxyCore designs, develops and sells high-performance CMOS image sensors, which are capable of converting captured optical image signals into output digital signals and widely used in mobile phones, smart wearables, mobile payments, tablets, notebooks, cameras, automotive electronics, etc.

GalaxyCore also designs, develops and sells Display Driver ICs, which are capable of driving display panels to display image signals on the screen and mainly used in mobile phones, smart wearables and other electronic devices with displays.

The core competence of GalaxyCore is rooted in the innovative design capability, the expanding customer base, the efficient operation and the industry chain integration experience for years.

With the development and maturity of the smart phone technology, consumers will continuously pursue better photographic and display experiences. In the next decade, GalaxyCore will persistently provide more innovative and competitive integrated solutions for camera and display modules.

For more information, please visit GalaxyCore's official X and Youtube accounts.