COM Chip Technology

3rd generation CIS soldering packaging technology independently developed by GalaxyCore

The front end of the line of camera module is conducted in the clean room with cleanliness class 100. The COM chip is packaged by fully automatic high-precision equipment and 100% functionally and visually inspected before delivery. Automated SMT and soldering devices are used in the back end of line (BEOL), which ensures the performance and quality of modules.

1st Gen


Chip Scale Package

  • Simple manufacturing process
  • Poor optical performance
  • Concern of reliability
2nd Gen


Ultrasonic COB

  • Better reliability with gold wire bonding
  • Improved optical performance with CSP white glasses removed
  • High-cost and complex manufacturing process
  • Moving particle issue
3rd Gen


Soldering COB

  • Less moving particle
  • Reduced optical tilt error
  • Superior reliability of bonding
  • Better heat dissipation
  • More cost-effective manufacturing
  • Need IR glass with mask

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