GalaxyCore Mass Produces 2nd Gen Single-Wafer 32MP CMOS Image Sensor GC32E2 with Upgraded HDR Performance via DAG


Recently, GalaxyCore has mass produced second-generation high-performance single-wafer 32MP CMOS image sensor named GC32E2 that is equipped with single-frame DAG HDR technology, generating images at lower power consumption, with rich details in brightness and shading without artifacts during preview, photography, and video recording.


Jeffery Yang, Marketing Director of GalaxyCore:

“The availability of 32MP ultra-high-definition selfies has become an important demand for mid-to-high-end smartphone users in their purchases. To now over 20 million units in total of the first-generation GC32E1 has been sold. The upgraded GC32E2 launched this year will further improve user experience in terms of focusing, dynamic range, and AON features.”

Jerry Lv, Director of OPPO Mobile Resource Center:

“The OPPO Reno 12 overseas edition is the first to feature GalaxyCore’s GC32E2, offering an outstanding front camera selfie experience. OPPO will maintain a deep cooperation with GalaxyCore, continuously exploring more possibilities for GalaxyCore’s single-wafer high-resolution products in OPPO phones. We hope that GalaxyCore’s single-wafer technology will bring new momentum to the CIS industry.”


Single-Frame High Dynamic Range, Preserving Complex Light and Shade and Texture of Details:

DAG Single-frame HDR technology, one of the highlights of the GC32E2, is able to preserve highlight details and texture of shades in images, significantly enhancing image and video quality. The GC32E2 installed with DAG HDR, either in preview, video recording or photo shooting, allows for excellent dynamic range, and in scenarios like Vlog recording, video calls and selfies, captures images featuring richer details.


Phase Detection Autofocus Technology, Faster and More Accurate Focusing:

What really matters in photo shooting lies in fast focusing and accuracy. The Phase Detection Autofocus adopted by the GC32E2 allows for quick focus lock to capture vivid moments either in fast-moving settings or low-light environments, which keeps any splendid moments from slipping through users’ fingers.


AON Feature Brings Convenience to Daily Life:

Through innovative analog circuit design, the GC32E2 realizes the feature of always-on low power consumption, and the support for ALS (Ambient Light Sensing) and ULP (Ultra Low Power) modes. This allows the platform to support face recognition at low-power mode, effectively protecting user privacy, preventing screen peeking, and enabling features like intelligent screen always-on.

Privacy Protection Prompt Illustration

Smart Screen Always-on Illustration

In the future, GalaxyCore will continue to provide the market with high-performance, high-quality image sensor solutions to meet a wide range of imaging needs from entry-level to high-end smartphones.

When the phone is not in use, the image sensor operates in low power mode and activates upon recognizing a face.

When the user is looking at the screen, it does not turn off.

*All images in the article are for illustrative purposes only and are not actual product shots.